About Me


My name is Edith Hoffman. I am a life coach, artist and photographer.
Being born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, I have always been attracted to traveling and foreign cultures. Over the years I have lived in many countries like: Australia, Brunei, Philippines, UK, Oman, Japan, Singapore and Canada. This left a lasting impression on me and the way I am looking at and observing the world.
Twenty-five years ago I started with painting as a hobby and, only a few years ago, I switched over to photography.

Why photography?

I discovered that in photography the control of making what I have in mind is even stronger. Also, you have an image very quickly giving you instantly new inspiration. As I didn’t want to give up painting, I searched for ways to combine these passions into a personal style. That is why I want images to look like a painting, drawing or artwork.
When I start a project, I don’t always have a complete, preconceived idea of precisely what I am going to do. This kills my creativity. I simply surrender myself to the environment and the situation whilst waiting for that particular moment.
My main subject is people. I develop a very intense relationship with the people during my work. I want normal people to model and move in my work. It’s about emotions, feelings and motion what I find most important in my work. I especially regard those special moments of interaction and personal conversation. Some of these people modeling became friends. Working in this atmosphere, I become very energetic and receive lots of inspiration. By cherishing this special relationship between the model and myself, the work becomes effortless with a wonderful sense of freedom. For me, everyone is beautiful and unique; that is what I actively promote in my work.
I can’t wait to see where my journey will take me next. I sincerely hope you as my audience will follow me on this journey and enjoy what you see and discover what is next.

Ansel Adams: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”.